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Why we love Inglewood

Inglewood in Edmonton offers many home opportunities and skinny homes for sale

Located near Downtown Edmonton, Inglewood is one of our most beloved historical communities. Let’s talk about how and why this incredible area of our city is so important. Inglewood borders to the north by 118 Avenue, on the south by 111 Avenue, on the west by Groat Road, and on the east by a former Canadian National Railway right of way. This area also offers a great mix of low, medium and high-density residential properties.

This neighbourhood sits over what we know today as St.Albert Trail, which is more historic than you think. This path has deep roots in our community’s history. It was originally used by First Nation people to settle camps and travel for trading and commercial purposes.


Inglewood in Edmonton – A rich History and a promising future.

Eventually, most of the current territory became the property of a Hudson’s Bay employee in 1882, and then it was annexed to Edmonton in 1904, and it all came together in 1908. Although over 100 years have passed from this neighbourhood’s official “birth,” the development has regularly continued and a significant part of the community maintains a contemporary, new look.

Infill homes and new development are taking over the neighbourhood and bringing a bright future to the streets of Inglewood. Our team has years of experience working with builders and developers in the area. Check out some of the recent new developments we’ve worked on here.

The quality of design and construction quality in these infill homes continue to set the bar. The variety of properties present in the neighbourhood of Inglewood is excellent for any homebuyers and investors. The lifestyle here is also exceptional as the area has several schools, stores, restaurants and other great amenities.


Real Estate for Sale in Inglewood, Edmonton

Looking to move to Edmonton? Consider Inglewood as an excellent option for your next home! This neighbourhood has a great history and an excellent lifestyle!


Brand new home for sale in Inglewood, Edmonton 11315 132 STREET

11315 132 STREET, Inglewood, Edmonton

This fantastic brand new home will have a bright and open space with all premium appliances! Make this 3-bedroom and two-and-a-half bathrooms your paradise.



Are you selling your home here?

Our team is prepared and has developed an optimized marketing plan that brings results. We are experts and passionate in Edmonton and area Real Estate. Let us know how we can help you!

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