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Posted to CFB Edmonton? Make your House Hunting Trip a breeze!

Get the best out of your House Hunting Trip, Military posted to CFB Edmonton

Congratulations on being posted to CFB Edmonton Garrison. We know you must have many things to worry about when relocating. Let us help you make your House Hunting Trip easy!

Our team is a BGRS Approved Real Estate Team – we specialize in relocating military families. We want to make your transition and relocation smooth and stress-free for you.

Edmonton is a city full of opportunities; each of its energetic and vibrant neighbourhoods has something to offer. The areas closer to CFB Edmonton offer some of the best housing opportunities – from St. Albert to Morinville and Fort Saskatchewan – your perfect home awaits!


What is our process to help you with your House Hunting Trip?

On top of offering FREE priority 1-on-1 buyers services for military members, we also have a strategy that has helped all of our military buyers that are moving to Edmonton and area. We want to make your HHT as easy as possible for you before you get here:

  1. We will contact you through Phone/FaceTime for multiple discussions before you arrive, so we can fully understand what your needs are, and so you can ask all the questions you want and know you are in safe hands!
  2. We’ll set you up with one of our fantastic mortgage specialists for a pre-approval, to ensure that we are looking at the right price point of home that fits your budget. Being pre-approved also cuts our condition timeline in half, making securing a home so much easier.
  3. We’ll create a plan for you, so your House Hunting Trip is fast and easy for you and your family once you get to Edmonton. This will include guiding you and familiarizing you with the new lifestyle, location, amenities, customs and everything you need to know about Edmonton and your new Neighbourhood.
  4. We are fully prepared before you arrive in Edmonton. Once you arrive in Edmonton, we will meet you in person and start looking at homes. We understand your time is limited, so we won’t stop looking until we find the perfect home for you and your family!

During the HHT process, we will provide help, resources and anything you may need during your trip. We know some of the best lawyers, insurance companies, mortgage specialists and contractors in the industry – so you can feel safe and secure during the entire process and transaction. For more information regarding our Buying process and how we assure all of our clients have the best experience, read more on our CFB Edmonton page!

Military member posted to CFB Edmonton? Read our Tips for an easy HHT

Which community should you choose?

Some of the most popular options include St. Albert, Morinville and Fort Saskatchewan and North Edmonton. Curious about what kind of properties you can find? Explore some of the options in the links below!:

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