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Three Key Repairs To Make Before Selling Your Edmonton Home

Essential repairs before selling your home

Preparing the interior and exterior of your home before putting it up for sale in the Edmonton real estate market is a step that should never be overlooked! 

While some repairs can cost more than others – taking care of the most important and obvious things to repair before selling a home will put more money in your pocket!


Here are three key repairs that are worth taking care of before you put your home on the market :


1. The Surprisingly Easy Fixes


  • Painting your home is a cheap and easy way to revitalize your home to appeal to potential home buyers. 
  • New grout in your bathroom will give it a much more well-kept and cleaner look. 
  • Tidy up – that means spruce up your backyard, polish your floors, and clean your windows! Explore how these minimal fixes can make all the difference just like the upgrades in this beautiful Parkallen, Edmonton listing!


2. The Obvious and Mandatory Fixes 


  • Is your roof holding up? Make sure your roof is well maintained as it’s one of the first things people see before even entering your home. It is worth the investment if it looks like it’s missing a tile or two …
  • Furnace and air conditioning MUST be in prime working condition as these are essential for every home buyer – which is something that is never overlooked in any of our listings!
  • Tighten those pipes! Check over all of your plumbing … no one wants a leaky faucet or even worse an actual leak. 


3. The Maybe Don’t Fix Fixes 


  • If you’re thinking about renovating your home before a sale because you’ve always wanted to, think twice. It is important to know where to draw the line on making any personal renovations that can lead to objections from potential home buyers. 
  • Always consult your expert Edmonton real estate agent about their expert opinion before you do any major renovations before selling your home. The Esposito team has years of experience in helping prepare your Edmonton home for the real estate market!


Thinking of selling your home, but not sure where to start? 

Contact the Esposito Team for expert advice on the Edmonton real estate market and to help you make the best selling decision!


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