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Selling Your Home During Separation

selling a home during divorce

The decision has been made to sell your home while going through a divorce. This can seem daunting, which is why it’s important to understand the process of selling your home and finding the best Edmonton Realtor to help.

What is most important while selling your home during a separation is being able to be in agreement with each other in order to have things move as efficiently as possible. Choosing to work with a Realtor experienced with divorces can help eliminate any potential conflicts that can arise throughout the process. Ultimately, your decisions have to be made in agreement, but by being able to consult not only with your divorce lawyer but a divorce Realtor, it can lift a lot of stress from the situation. 

Preparation is key 

Before you put your home on the market, there will be many discussions and decisions that you will need to have with your ex-spouse. Here are the questions you will need to ask to get one step closer to selling your home: 

Who will be your real estate agent? 

  • If you’ve agreed on an agent, you are one step ahead. If you’re struggling to agree on an agent, you can rely on friends or family to help settle this decision for you. Read Edmonton Realtor reviews. 

Does the house require maintenance or any upgrade before selling it? 

  • Discuss what needs to be done, the budget, and how and when it will be done to better understand how to get things moving. A top Edmonton Realtor can help advise you! 

What is your asking price and how will you settle on an offer?

  • Having a conversation about your price expectations and goals beforehand can help resolve any potential issues 
  • Enlist the help of your local Edmonton Realtor® to learn the recent sale prices of similar homes
  • Fundamentally, this will be a decision you both have to make, but a significant time to use your Realtor’s expertise to help make this an easy and well informed decision. 

How will you divide the profit from your home?

  • Be sure to consider how your province divides the assets in a divorce. In Alberta, the Matrimonial Property Act is the law that sets out how a property will be divided in a divorce. This law allows the couple the option to come up with your own property settlement. In general, the distribution should be adjusted to account for the paying spouse’s contribution. 


Need help selling your Edmonton home when going through a divorce?

Get in touch with us to chat about the best way to take those next steps to selling your home in a stress-free process! 

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