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Moving to Alberta, Things to Consider When Making the Move

Are you thinking about making the move to Alberta from out of province? During this exciting time of opportunity, there is a lot to consider ensuring your move is an easy transition.  Century 21 Realtors have put together a comprehensive list of factors to consider while making the move.

Finding the Perfect Neighbourhood

Edmonton real estate markets are thriving throughout the city. There are a multitude of options whether you are looking for single-family homes, multi-family housing, or senior housing there is something for everyone’s budget. Surrounding Edmonton are several unique suburban communities that offer very diverse living from tranquil lakesides to urban centres. When looking for the perfect home to fit your lifestyle and needs, The Esposito Team can guide you through the process and help you find your new neighbourhood.

Careers and Job Opportunities

Although Alberta is well known for its robust oil and gas industry, many other job sectors provide residents with satisfying career paths. Employment opportunities are plentiful in technology, healthcare, finance, education, trades, and other professional careers. Research job prospects within your field and assess the cost of living to ensure your income-to-expense ratio will not hinder you through the mortgage qualifying process.

Cost of living

While Alberta boasts a strong economy, it’s essential to consider the cost of living before making the move. Evaluate expenses such as housing, utilities, groceries, insurance and transportation to ensure they align with your budget and financial goals. Costs will differ from your current province and it is essential to research the impact it will have on you. Car insurance and inspections are often overlooked in this category as Alberta is one of the provinces where car insurance is privately ran. Research these additional costs and how it will affect your bottom line.

Alberta Health Care Services

Access for your family to healthcare services is crucial when relocating to a new province. Familiarize yourself with Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, including registration requirements, coverage, and available services. You are eligible following three months of moving to the province. Ensure continuity of your family’s care by transferring medical records and updating insurance policies accordingly.

Experience Alberta’s Beauty

Alberta has a breathtaking natural landscape offering endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure. From the majestic Canadian Rockies to the hoodoos of Drumheller, Alberta has a lot to do for camping, hiking, skiing, and fishing enthusiasts. Adventure is just a quick drive away in Alberta.

Buying or Selling in the Area?

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