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Low Vacancy Rates in Edmonton

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Have you known that Edmonton vacancy rates are among the lowest in Canada? One of the main reasons is the strong economy that attracts job seekers from different parts of the country. Demand for rental housing in this area has been higher than supply for a couple of years which makes the city ideal for investing in real estate. Let’s look closer on some of the amazing neighbourhoods in Edmonton offering low vacancy rates now!

Edmonton neighbourhoods with low vacancy rates

Forest Heights & Holyrood, Edmonton

Situated in the east part of Edmonton, Forest Heights and Holyrood neighbourhoods provide an excellent opportunity for buying a rental property with a low vacancy rate. Investors can benefit from a good selection of up/down duplexes or fourplexes in the area. Interest in renting a property is high mainly due to close proximity to the Downtown core full of fantastic amenities. For example, there are high quality school institutions, such as the University of Alberta, as well as shopping facilities like Capilano shopping centre. Moreover, these areas offer beautiful scenery on River Valley Trails and plentiful recreational opportunities.

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Bonnie Doon, Edmonton

Another neighbourhood great for investing in real estate is Bonnie Doon. Located on the North Saskatchewan River Valley, this community is popular among students wanting to live close to well-known schools, such as Campus St. Jean or University of Alberta. At the same time, the youth enjoys dynamic nightlife and great dining while being able to stay within the budget. The community is also home to the transit centre and several shopping malls, such as the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre. Being only a few minutes from the city centre keeps the vacancy rates in the neighbourhood low.

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Grovenor, Edmonton

Looking for an investment with great cash flow? With lots of affordable homes under $400k, there is a high potential for the Grovenor area to increase in value for investors. In fact, the rent cost of its residences represents only half of the rent compared to expensive residences in the neighbouring Glenora. This community attracts a lot of families looking for outdoor activities in beautiful parks and river valley. In addition, residents can also enjoy the convenience of easy access to Downtown. As the future LRT stop, Grovenor is going to provide transportation more accessible than ever before!

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Lauderdale & Rosslyn, Edmonton

Wondering where to find very low vacancy rates? Welcome to Lauderdale and Rosslyn – the neighbourhoods popular among people looking for affordable prices. The highest concentration of 1960’s up/down duplexes on the north side makes the area ideal for rentals with basement suite. What is more, there is indeed a potential to increase investors’ monthly cash flow with basement suite. These communities are also an excellent choice for those looking for green areas and parks. Due to having easy access to public transit on 97 street, residents can easily visit facilities in other parts of the city within a few minutes.

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