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Finding the Right Divorce Real Estate Agent in Edmonton  

Divorces can be difficult and the last thing you need is to struggle with finding the right divorce real estate agent. 

Here are five tips to keep in mind when looking for a real estate agent while going through a divorce : 


1. An agent that you both trust 

  • Selling your home is one of the biggest valuable decisions that are made throughout a divorce. You want to find someone who both of you can rely on and trust during this stressful time. Having an agent that is patient and understanding of your needs is critical to help improve your home selling process. The Esposito Team has years of experience in helping sell homes during a divorce to ensure a stress-free selling experience. 


2. Read agent reviews

  • Anyone can say they are good at what they do, but reviews are what makes them credible. Read reviews everywhere, from Facebook to Google to their actual website. This will help you find the perfect real estate agent for your situation, whether it’s a good negotiator, a good listener, 10+ years of experience, or all of the above! Read the best Realtor reviews in Edmonton. 


3. Marketing is everything 


4. Expert negotiator 

  • It is important for your realtor to be an expert negotiator because they will need to use those skills to speak with the spouses together or separately to establish an openly trusting relationship through communication. Those expert negotiation skills will also help both spouses get the best sale possible. At the Esposito team Mirella has grown to be known for her flawless negotiation skills in buying and selling houses in Edmonton!


5. Expert on your location 

  • There is nothing better than finding someone who is on your team and most importantly just gets it. Location is everything and having a Realtor® that understands what the best things are about Sherwood Park or St.Albert when you say it – makes things easier and more authentic. Being born and raised in Edmonton, the Esposito team has an edge of deep knowledge about the Edmonton residential market like no other team!


Looking for a divorce real estate agent in Edmonton?

The Esposito team has got you covered with years of experience of helping divorces sell their homes!

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